Welcome to Rove TV!

We are a gathering of updates, news, announcements, and latest developments in the worlds of both contemporary and modern art. We believe that art is a passion that everyone can indulge in—given the right path. Everyone’s tastes may differ but art resonates in a way that connects even the most polarizing of individuals.

We aim to connect individuals to both past and present art. Like everything in life, there must be movement and progress. Yet, there must also be a reconnect with your roots. It is a process that is quite confusing when you really think about it—but this is just another reason why art is so important. It allows you a chance to look deep into yourself and determine your perception. You can ascertain whether or not you’ve progressed or lay inert.

When perusing art, you’re providing yourself with a moment of such abject honest that clarify or confusion is sure to follow. In any case, art affects us all in a way that can either push us forward or pull us back. As such, at the core of our belief lies the fire to spread the word about art. We want to give modern artists a chance to be hailed as one of the greats.

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A common concern is that modern styles are too rough or not as colorful. However, back in the day when the “greats” presented their pieces—they were hardly thought of as great. Success is determined by the ability to endure lost past its presentation. Art outlives the artist and it is only then that true appreciation was granted. That how it was back then and that’s something we want to help change.

We believe that artists and their art should be fully celebrated and appreciated as they presently are. As such, Rove TV has pulled together writers from the varying fields of arts. Who would be able to fully suggest what is worth appreciating if not the masters?

Our writers have spent years on their own craft and have all undergone the difficulties of establishing the persona of the “artist”—all in the world where you would either be held as a visionary or nothing with a bat of an eyelash. They’ve all been there and understood how it can make or break a person. They want to break that cycle and Rove TV is the place where they want to achieve that.

As such, you can expect to find thoughtful articles about different types of art and how they’ve affected the time they were in. You can expect to find announcement for newer pieces and exhibitions. You can find other pieces of news that can help both the audience and the artist achieve congruence. Art is our passion and we want to share that with you.

If you believe that there is something within your sphere that can inspire, provoke, or entice others into a thoughtful artistic reverie, we would love to hear about it. You can reach us through 864-433-5938.a