The 5 Best Cities in the World to See Street Art

Let’s get one thing straight.

Street Art is not graffiti.

It is not what some may mistake for doodles on the walls and silly signatures made on freshly paint-coated facades nor is it the kind of new style design you find on websites like Casumo online casino – that’s a different kind of art entirely. Street Art is about creating a special moment and a special feeling in a place you least expect it.

There is so much emotion in it, that it would be a pity to limit it to what everybody thinks wall painting is. Street artists are now just as appreciated as regular artists. They are creative and their work puts any building and any street on the map. People flock to see their work and a new type of travel is born. Here are some pointers for cities where you can admire the most inspiring works of street art.


1. Paris

It is natural to think of Paris as the best city to admire works of art. Be these in museums or simply on the walls of the streets. Many murals have transitioned from graffiti to street art and you can admire the work of rising, as well as established artists.

And while someone playing music by a street corner can make you daydream, we suggest you keep your eyes open as you could be missing out on the whole picture. And the whole picture might just be the street art that inspired the said performance.

Paris street art - The 5 Best Cities in the World to See Street Art

2. London

Funny to political, London street art covers every possible creative outlet. Some are commissioned works, whereas others are uncommissioned, but just as admired. And while some of the most well-known works of street artist Bansky are no longer visible in London, you can make your own discoveries.

In London you can even take an East End Street Art Tour, which is nothing short of amazing. To think that street art has come such a long way as to have specialized tours like the art works exhibited in the museums, is a sign of great recognition.

3. Lisbon

You can take an intentional and an unintentional tour of street art in Lisbon. There are so many murals to enjoy and so many works you will like to sink your eyes into, that it will be a real treat.

Many of the tourists here claim to enjoy the unplanned surprises more, as they add to their program of museum visits and they are a colourful addition to any trip. Make sure to make time to walk around the streets in Lisbon as there will be enough great creations you will want to admire just like you would in a museum.

Lisbon street art - The 5 Best Cities in the World to See Street Art

4. Melbourne

Melbourne is a city that owns up to its vibrant urban culture. People from Australia and from other countries come to see some of the murals that have put Melbourne on the map of happening urban art. Consider it a free art exhibit and read up on some of the amazing places you will be seeing.

Imagine being able to see classical works such as Keith Haring’s mural, dating back to 1984 at the same time with some of the newest and most updated pieces of creative work. This is what street art represents.

Melbourne street art - The 5 Best Cities in the World to See Street Art

5. Sao Paolo

Although street art has brought in a lot of tourists and Sao Paolo is known for being home to some of the most creative artists, the city administration has decided to forcefully give them new canvases and to paint over many of the existing works, in an attempt to spruce up the city.

This sums up the beauty and the curse of street art. In some cases, it is not a long-term commitment on behalf of the city officials. All the more reason to get a ticket and book a tour while there are still things to be seen. Imagine how appreciated pictures from such a trip would be, at a time when the creations have already been whipped clean from the city.

Sao Paolo street art - The 5 Best Cities in the World to See Street Art

6. Berlin

If there ever was a city that owned up better to its creative side, that is Berlin. We say this because a museum dedicated to street art has been open here. It brings together the works of more that 100 artists and it is an unbelievable experience. It is a change from having to walk the streets to see some of the best works.