Learning to understand, create, and appreciate art is important for the development of early childhood. Many schools leave art education in the curriculum in return for an emphasis on science and math. Art education is an effective way to increase critical thinking, innovation and visual learning skills for young children. These skills are practiced throughout a child’s life and can contribute to success in the job market. Plan your visit to find out how Calvary Lutheran School is embracing the importance of art education. Here’s how an art class is important for your child’s success:

Art teaching develops motor skills

The movements and techniques used to create the art require fine motor skills. Turning the brush, coloring between fine lines, and wiping small details in the design requires unique attention to detail and smooth hand movements. Artistic creation helps children develop and complete their motor skills in a fun and engaging way.

Drawing patterns and carving objects enhances overall dexterity. As children develop better dexterity, their writing improves, they can draw more complex lines and become more precise in drawings and paintings.

Art strengthens critical thinking and decision-making skills

Art is inherently a form of decision making that does not occur in other subjects that your child experiences. Each brush they make has its own decision. Why did they choose yellow? Why did they make one object bigger than another? Your child will make these decisions in a second.

During your child’s art school, they will be given themed games. Your children can be asked to paint to emphasize the importance of recycling and the Earth Day, or to draw a cell for the natural sciences. Your child will use their critical thinking to convey images instead of words instead of words. They need to have a good understanding of the topic in order to effectively associate their image with the theme.

Visual learning benefits children outside the art world

Modeling, drawing and customizing shapes develops spatial awareness skills that are important to your child. In a world of symbolism and visual images, your children are exposed to visual information that can interpret, understand, and make context-based choices. Young children are already using tablets and smartphones to learn. Children take visual information before they can read it completely.

Art stimulates creativity and self-expression

Children are encouraged to take risks and express themselves through their art. They basically create something from scratch by using innovative parts of their brains to create, shape and complement the ideas and images in their heads. Art allows your child to come up with new perspectives and perspectives on many different topics.

Self-aviation is important for children to experience it at a young age, and it can be difficult if they have a limited vocabulary and understand what is going on around you. Art allows a child to remove ideas and prejudices by focusing on how they think things should look and feel. Self-aviation is good for mental health when you give your child some kind of freedom to control his or her tensions or negativity.

Calvary Lutheran School believes that art education is essential for the development of a healthy mind. We focus on educating children academically, spiritually, physically, mentally and socially. Contact us by calling 816-595-4020 or book a visit to learn more about our university program.